Change Management

We Love and Thrive on Change - But Change is Hard!

We are aware that sometimes you just need help to think through and plan for the change that will be driven by a new project or initiative, and you can’t do it with your current team. You need someone who can come in and collaborate with you and support you in planning for and communicating change so that your user communities will “embrace the change” rather than just “adopt the change”.

Worldgate has had great success in finding the Change Managers you need that have the experience in either the software or the strategic initiative, but more importantly, have experience working within your unique environments. We can help you find high quality change management resources.

Our consultants are knowledgeable of and experienced in the many theories and approaches to change management. We have worked with various clients across K-12 and Public Sector to understand the unique operating cultures and know how to formulate successful change management initiatives. We work with clients to customize and adapt the best change management approach and staffing needs for a situation and budget. To learn more about our Change Management methodologies and tool kits click here.